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White Heavy Sheets of Rock

It’s hard to believe we are already seven weeks into this season’s build on our home. I won’t lie, it’s been harder this year for so many reasons. Still, I’m encouraged and working to focus on the progress we make each week.

We were able to get the sheetrock for downstairs, and with some help, get it into the house. Jer decided to get 12  x 4.5 foot sheets for a good portion of the space. Oh my, very heavy and awkward to work with. Since our downstair walls are nine feet high, putting two long pieces on top of each other works perfectly! The question is, could I work with it? 

The first weekend we only had four hours and ceilings go in first. No problem. These are 4 X 8 feet sheets, and we have a lift. Our first piece had three can lights to be cut out. Jer carefully measured and cut but it was backward. It’s harder than you think. Three sheets later, we cut one in half, and cut another half with the third can light in it. Not only did it waste sheets, but we also spent three and a half hours on this one sheet. I cried; Jer worked to cheer me up. We quickly put up one full sheet with no lights to cutout before we left, just to feel a little encouraged. It didn't help that the wall was crooked. It was a somber ride home.

We pressed forward this week, and with prayer, I was able to help Jer with more ceiling before we ran out of 4 X 8 sheets, with a one hour break for Jer to go get more fuel for the generator. Today I helped him wrestle up onto the lift a couple of the BIG sheets. It was hard but we did it and it was fun to see so much space covered so quickly. Of course, we ran out of gas again but finished the last few screws with a battery powered screw gun.

Beyond that, I stained the vaulted area, while Jer worked to get our solar panel wiring ready. We are getting closer to having electricity! Overall, it was a good weekend.

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