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Snug as a Bug

I’m pleased to announce the entire house is insulated. The inspection comes later this week, but we aren’t worried. Jer did a fabulous job under the house, really messy work. He also completed all the plumbing, taped up where the plastic was ripped for plumbing, and made it look clean and tidy in this dark and mostly unseen protion of our home.

Next was the big job of running electrical wires through conduit (gray PVC pipe) outside. With over 140 feet of wire, times 8, to pull, we started by glueing about 120 feet of conduit through the straighter portions. Four wires were pulled through two separate conduit pipes. I stood at one end pulling from the wire reels hooked between two ladders on a rod while Jer was at the other end fishing them through. He had a swollen hand from all the pushing and pulling by the time we were done but yay! We have the wires running from the power shed to the solar rack.

I found out that I might have to pay for another permit through the state on top of the one we did with the county. I’m not happy about that but our goal is to connect it all the wires at both ends by next weekend and have it ready for inspection. For whatever crazy reason, the state does all the electrical inspection while the county does the rest. Yet, It will truly be a day of rejoicing when we have power safely running in our home.

The last day, Jer had time to finally finish the plumbing that split on the pressure tank last winter and we finished a little insulation. While Jer took some scaffolding back to our neighbor, I worked on cleaning downstairs to prepare it for sheetrock. What a mess. I moved everything from one side of the room to the other, straightening and cleaning while I went.

That left us with just enough time to try to plan out kitchen and bathroom cabinets. That was fun. Soon we will be looking into having the cabinet boxes made.

The funny things are forgetting food items and having to improvise. I forgot the lunch meat and didn’t bring the jam. What to do? We had peanut butter and chocolate pudding sandwiches. They weren’t bad. Jer’s more of a chocolate lover than me. I would rather have had pickles.

So, the journey continues…

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