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Triple Tool Trouble

I just know you are on the edge of your seat waiting to hear our new adventures in home building. Our camping trailer is officially set on our land and ready for our weekly weekend excursions. Thank God, the heater was working. I had a place to warm up when needed. Fortunately, it wasn’t too cold. Mostly my toes and fingers needed the heater.

The sun even came out part of the day, which allowed us to get the rest of the rails on our solar panel rack. Yep, went from sixteen to forty as ordered by the county. Jer still must drill through a lot of two-inch steel poles for corner supports. This was our first tool fail. Jer came up with a system of drilling a small pilot hole, then enlarging it but when he got to the half-inch bit, it just stopped working after a few holes. Lots of holes, too many to count, left to be drilled. We were unable to complete this goal for the weekend.

The next day, I anticipated great production since we had a full day to work on the vaulted ceilings. I told myself whatever we got done would be okay but secretly, I wanted to complete it before we left on Sunday. Finish nail gun number one stopped working. Then finish nail gun number two failed on us. These are two name brand tools! Jer tried to get them to work but left me to sulk in the trailer while he went to the neighbor to borrow Nick’s. Nick has almost every tool.

To be honest, I needed time to work on my attitude. I really like the feeling of finishing a task. Even when progress is made, I struggle with feeling down when things don’t go as planned. After Jer got back at 4pm, we worked until 6pm, leaving us only four hours to try to finish on Sunday before packing up and heading home. It was hard walking away the next day when we only had a couple of feet in one corner of the vault to complete the task.

Not sure what’s going on with the trailer. The heater and water pump started acting up right before we left. Yay, for trailers and for finishing season on this build. I cannot express how much appreciation I will have when it’s done and for Jer’s many skills. I’m sure thankful to be on this journey with him.

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