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Clear and Earthy

Have you ever had to spend hours working upside down?

It felt that way to me when I hand-stained our W shaped vaulted area, all 45-degree cuts. Using a cut up old t-shirt and rubber gloves over my mittens, I carefully worked from the top down. Meticulously, I worked to not allow any drips and coat this large area with what was supposed to be a golden-brown stain. It came out more of a dark brown. While somewhat disappointed in the color I feel it fits our cabin feel.

The truth is I only got half of it done the first day. Slowly I made my way to our trailer, my wrists entirely covered in brown stain, and scrubbed until they were almost raw but still the brown sticky mess wouldn’t let go. That day was one of the hardest jobs I’ve done. Not only was my body exhausted, I ached everywhere. I prayed God would rejuvenate my body that night and give me the strength to do the other half the next day. I woke up feeling no achiness and energized to do the other half. Yay! Again my wrists were covered in a stick borwn mess but it was worth it.

Next was the clear coat to brush on. I know a sprayer might have been faster, but it was just me, a couple ladders, and my brush. This part of the project went better than staining, although I did find a couple spot where the stain had ran. Probably nobody else will see it but when you are up and close, you see all the flaws.

I guess I got a little too up and personal with my work, since I accidentally added some clear coat to my hair. I kept picking at it throughout the weekend but should have waited until I got home and allowed the conditioner to help release its grip. Next time, hoping there won’t be a next time, I’m wearing a hat.

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