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So We Did This Thing - part 5

Sometimes crazy gets crazier.

After our very first lot hunting adventure. We went back to our trailer and debriefed. It was windy and cold that night. Our camp hosts checked on us to make sure we were okay. We were plenty warm with our new mother board we had to replace for before leaving but at this point, our outlets still weren’t working. While our hosts provided an extension cord for us to charge our phones, the cold caused them to charge very slowly. UGH!

Next morning, we followed our realtor back up the hill… semi-mountain, hoping for better results. It was a sunny with snow flurries kind of day. This time we ventured to the opposite side of the highway. Again, we were immediately on snow covered roads. That wasn’t what caught us off guard.

We did multiple Google map view searches prior to coming but guess what, they don’t show what’s under those trees. In an unincorporated area, people can build whatever and however they want. There were old trailers, housed made out of all kinds of things, and just a lot of junk. One spot looked like an actual junk yard. I was discouraged, Jer complained.

The first lot we look at was on a slope and next to an occupied lot with multiple dead RV’s. We got out, even though I already knew I didn’t want to live next to that pile of junk. A woman came out and yelled, “Hey, what are you doing here?"

Our realtor, “We’re looking at this lot. It’s for sale.

The woman look angry and waved her arms around like a crazy woman. She began walking away but turned and yelled, “Believe me, you don’t want to live here.”

We learned there are people who live off grid for reasons we hadn’t considered until this moment. Of course, the one lot we were most interest in wasn’t accessible. They hadn’t plowed the road threw, since no one lived there.

There was one more lot that we thought could work. It was less than a mile off the highway and was within our budget. We found out it was sold, only for the new owners who bought it site unseen, to double the price and flip it.

Needless to say, we were both disappointed. On the drive home, when Jer wasn’t looking, I practiced smiling. I heard it’s supposed to help. I’m not sure if it did but didn’t hurt either.

We didn’t give up. After taking a short break from lot hunting, we began again and widened our search.

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