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I Dig Trenching (pun intended)

Jer and I knew we would need a tractor on our property. I learned how to drive it but really nothing else. Until this weekend. I might have mentioned, more than once, how useless I feel this year in helping to work on our house. There just isn’t a lot for me to do.

Last weekend I was bored and the weather wasn't the greatest, but this weekend was amazing. With a plan in mind, I headed out with a more positive attitude. The beautiful weather helped too.

With our goals set, we arrive around 9:00 am on Friday. Nick was coming again to work on plumbing but usually ran late. This gave us enough time to set up and begin moving a large pile of good lumber we had covered and saved to use this year. We didn’t get it all moved that day but by the next morning, we’d move it all plus the left-over Hardy Plank siding. Goal one accomplished. Now, our excavator friend will have room to help us next weekend.

I had wanted to try my hand at digging the trench we needed from the solar panel rack to the power shed. Even though our tractor is small, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to try, as long as I didn’t hit rock or too many roots. Two feet was doable. Right? Jer set me up and gave me a few pointers. Slow and steady was my plan. He headed back in to work with Nick.

The tractor and I decided we were friends and after a couple hours I was getting the hang of it. Saturday morning I continued, while a friend came up to help us cut up and stack one of the trees we took down last weekend, another goal we had. Trenching went even better this day, slow and steady. There was only one root Jer had to take an ax to. Tractors are amazing tools.

I was able to trench approximately one hundred feet by the end of the weekend. We have a couple stumps to remove but I did it!

The plumbing? Well, maybe that’s a next week story. Seriously though, I was super proud of myself. It was fun and turned out great!

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