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Bed and Breakfast on Wheels -Part 3

At two-thirty am, we woke the kids. Our plan was to lay them right back down to sleep in the RV for the first few hours. Did it work? Heck no! They were too excited.

There was a queen bed over the cab for our two girls and one in the back for Jer and me. The table made another twin bed, where two boys slept and a couch for one more. That meant the fourth boy would sleep on the floor. We planned to have the boys take rotate positions to avoid fighting.

Overwhelmed and tired, I went to the back to try to sleep while Jer drove. My neck hurt so bad from stress but the back of the RV swayed with every little movement. I eventually decided it was a lost cause but at least got a little rest. Around six-thirty am, the family was hungry. We stopped a small area off the road where the McDonald arcs stood, calling to us. All the kids were still in their pajamas but Jer was going to need some extra hands. One or two kids went in with him and I stayed in the RV with the rests of the them. Jer order eight Big Meals, not a usual order in this very tiny stop. The young gal’s eyes widened. “Eight Big Meals?” Jer explained to her about our trip and our large family. She loved the idea and asked if she could help deliver the meals to the RV. I have to admit it was a little embarrassing to have a stranger walk into the RV with all our kids in pajamas but it was also fun to have someone else feel almost as excited as we were. Our own Bed and Breakfast on wheels.

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