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Are We Having Fun Yet?

I can assure that I started writing because it was fun to create. I love creativity but I’d be dishonest if I said this whole book launching thing is “so much fun.”

I have found my insecurities screaming at me all week long. It’s a scary thing to put yourself out there with something you’ve put so much time and effort into but I believe in the story and so want to share it with you. Even though I’ve shed a few tears this last week while my husband worked to comfort me, I continue to move forward. . . like I always have. I press forward still. It’s a weird dynamic to be a quiet person who is happy to stay in the background and at the same time keep stepping forward into the unknown. I’m much like my main character, Timorous, in Escape from Nowhere. I have a choice to sit back and play it safe or I can choose to not let my fears hold me back. My goal is to keep this fun for myself and for you. To add an element of excitement in this journey you are sharing with me, I’ve added PRIZES! The contest runs starts now (Nov. 9) and runs through December 31. Winners will be announced Jan. 1. Points are accumulated during this period of time and are as follows: 5 points for liking any post that mentions Escape from Nowhere. 10 points for each sharing of a post. 65 points for going to and signing up on email list. I promise no newsletters, only a once-in-a-long-while notice when something new is happening with my writing.

5 points each for correctly answering the ten clues and how they related to Escaped from Nowhere. These will be sent starting November 27th when the book officially launches. Third prize is a $5 Coffee Card Second Prize is $10 Coffee Card and surprise item First prize is a $50 Gift Card and a surprise item Help me make this fun and I push past my fears!

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