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Adventures in Travel #3b -Amazing Race

The ferry pulled out as we ran for it. With downcast faces we turn back on the pier. Adding insult to injury, a local said, “Oh, too bad,” in a rather whiny sarcastic voice as we walked past him.

Close to tears, I was sure we'd miss our flight in Cozumel. We now had a two-hour delay. All I wanted was something American and comforting. I wanted ICE CREAM. I felt relieved when we found a Burger King. Unfortunately, they didn’t serve ice cream, no chocolate shake…that’s all it took. Jer ordered us burgers and fries while I sat and silently wept. Jerry tried to comfort me but I was inconsolable. With two hours to kill we walked around town, very touristy but it looked like the kind of place local families came to. In one of the upstairs buildings we spied a McDonalds and they had ICE CREAM. That lifted my spirits. After waiting in line for forty-five minutes for the Ferry, just to make sure we got the best seats, we finally boarded. We had a beautiful ride in the sun to Cozumel while we planned how we to hurry to our flight. The Ferry docked and we were one of the first to deboard. Jer ran with his luggage and me with mine but I couldn’t keep up. “Wait for me!” I called almost in tears again. We ran to the wrong side of the road. All the Taxi’s were on the other side. Once we were in our taxi, Jer tried his best to explain we were in a rush. Stressed, I sat just trying to contain my anxiety. The one bright spot was I recognized the music our driver was playing. It was a Christian song we sang at home only in Spanish. It gave me some peace. He got us to the airport quickly. We ran inside just before they started boarding. The called my name. Apparently, my anxious behavior must have made them suspicious of my terrorist connections. They went through all my luggage while keeping a keen eye on me. We were seated in the very back row, the one by the bathroom. I sat between Jer and a guy who had been drinking prior to the flight and who continued drinking throughout it. I leaned Jer’s direction for the next several hours. We landed in Denver with only thirty minutes to go through customs and get to our flight. Again, Jer ran ahead pulling his luggage. “Wait for me,” I cried. We got through customs more quickly than I expected and ran to our gate. It was now nine pm. We had left at eight am. People were already entering the plane when we got there. Then they call our names. “Oh no. Now what?” Our hearts sunk. Fortunately, they just upgraded us…free TV. I’m happy to tell you we made it home safely and I don’t ever want to do that again. So, if there was ever any question about me doing The Amazing Race, a show I loved to watch, the question has now been answered.

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