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And So It Continues

Spring is just around the corner, meaning building season is about to be in full swing again. The winter snow at our property slowed us down but it hasn’t stopped us.

Several times in the last couple months we’ve hiked from the cleared road down our long snow-covered driveway. I think we might need some snowshoes. Jer made most of the trips back and forth from the car carrying tools, gas and propane tanks, while I carried the dog bed, blankets, and lunch, with our little dog in tow, maneuvering through our footsteps.

We ran out of sheetrock to finish the couple small closets upstairs. I guess we didn't figure in waste from cuts. Still, it looks good. No more sheet rock until our driveway clears. it's way too heavy and awkward to carry that long way down the drive, one sheet at a time.

Before the snow hit, we were able to get in a load of white knotted pine stacked in the house for the vaulted area. A friend, who had experience in doing this type of work, who offered to help. Jer and Tom spent two days working on it. The angle cuts are complicated, but I somehow thought once they got things moving, they might finish it in one weekend. I tend to have loftier goals than I should.

They did a great job getting those edges to fit perfectly but weren’t able to finish. Jer spent another weekend on the vaulted ceiling by himself. Again, we ran short of what we thought was needed. Jer made good progress, but we probably still need another weekend to finish and more product. What a hassle for him to carry all those boards through the snow. Yet, it’s going to look amazing by the time we are done.

Both the sheetrock and ceiling might have to wait as we need to get power to the house. Reinforcing the solar panel rack out-prioritizes these other projects. URGH! I like the feeling of accomplishing a task so leaving things unfinished is very frustrating to me. Sigh. Deciding the order of work is an important part of the process.

In the midst of all this, I have little tingles of excitement once in a while, as the finish line of completing the house is getting closer.

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