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Wrangling a Roof Top

I had this blog ready last week but was feeling too discouraged to send it out. The good news is I have an update. Let me back up just a bit.

Our roof top delivery was made about a five weeks ago and now all we (meaning Jer) had to do was install it. With a 12x12 pitch (which is a 45 degree angle if you are wondering), harness, toe boards, and roofing tools in hand, Jer began what has become the most difficult roof he’s ever covered.

After nine days, two of which he had help, progress was hard and painfully slow. He had to work up as series of toe-board, likes steps but much further apart. There was a lot of physically pulling himself up to the next step and kneeling on six-inch boards as he worked to nail in more shingles.

I felt completely useless. I did a few little jobs like picking up trash but my anxiety of him up so high along with watching him do this by himself, had me in tears. I’m not a big crier but it has become an almost weekly thing for the last six weeks (not something I'm proud).

Then it rained and not just a little. We had moved down to undercover to work on the siding. Even though Jer and our son had done their best to cover the roof with tarps, the water poured through two stories of flooring. We put plastic on the floor, emptied every tub to catch water, but still the entier inside was soaked. The tubs had a good six inches of water in them. The overwhelming realization that we had ran out of time to get this done has cost me some sleep and eye twitching. Even Jer felt discouraged by how little progress he had been able to make. This is a big deal for him because he’s generally the optimistic one.

I put out an SOS to my facebook friends but what really brought results was reaching out to the two facebook groups in the area. Almost immediately, they began trying to help us find help. In on week we went from having less than half of the roofing on, to having a good 98% completed. The men who are helping us will finish next weekend.

I can't begin to tell you what a relief this is, even if we still have more siding to do. The roof was the most important thing at this point. We are exhausted but thankful... and still going up again next week.

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