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When You're in Over Your Head

For those of you who are parents, even having one child is overwhelming. I actually felt like two was easier than one after you get the hang of it. They were play mates and entertained themselves. You can hold each child's hands. You can go places and feel like you have things under control, well, most of the time. Having a sibling teaches kids how to share too, not that an only child wouldn’t learn this. It's just forced on them a little sooner.

Oh my goodness, what do you do when you have three kids and only two hands, toddlers and younger? I pressed into my routines to survive. After that, each child added to our family created less of a wave. Three really was the turning point. I also found even numbers easier than odd numbers. As I mentioned in an earlier blog, we had decided to stop at four. Two girls and two boys seemed good but God had other plans. While I was thrilled to find out I was unexpectedly pregnant again, part way through the pregnancy it became harder and harder. I was tired. I was overwhelmed. I remember having mini meltdowns. One night I made dinner while Jer was still at work. The kids weren’t eating as much as they were playing at the table and making a mess. I used to call three pm to six pm the pits hours because the kids were usually tired and hungry. Cranky mommies don’t always do their best with whining small children. Here they sat, laughing and playing with their food. I’d had it. I left them for few moments, marching down to my bedroom for a cry. “I can’t do this, God! I can’t handle the kids you’ve given me and now you are giving me more.” I know God believes in us more than we believe in ourselves. After I wiped my tears, I returned to clean up the mess they had left behind and excused them from the table. Obliviously, I survived even when I didn’t think I would. Funny thing is I remember repeating this same meltdown when I was pregnant with baby number six. So, if you are in the deep waters of parenting. Don’t lose heart if you are feeling in over your head. Each day is a new day to start fresh. Others have gone before you and others will follow. Don’t forget to reach out for encouragement and help. You can do this.

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