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Water Fight in the Rain

You’re only a kid once but you can create great memories with your own kids. My dad loved a good joke, practical or corny, it didn’t matter. He would short-sheet our beds from time to time. (If you don’t know what that is or how to do it, IM me.) He loved to do silly things to make us laugh.

On a humid summer day, the kind where the clouds roll in and trap in the heat, I can remember playing outside. Our patio was larger than most since we lived in a cul-de-sac. We really didn’t have a backyard but we did have a large side yard. The patio wrapped around the back of the house and side of the garage. It gave us lots of room to do fun things. My brother, sister, and I happily entertain ourselves on more than one occasion when the first drops of summer rain began. Hoping for just a few sprinkles, we weren’t alarmed but continued to play. Then a burst of water would flood down on us. Looking up, we quickly realized it wasn’t the rain, it was our dad on the roof with the water hose. He must have gotten home early, quickly changed and planned his attack. War had been declared and it was us three against our dad. Gabbing every bucket at hand and turning on the hose on the other side of the house, we began our counterattack. While water guns were available, they weren’t as effective and a bucket of water. Now it really was raining, pouring down rain, as we ran around the house yelling and laughing. Somehow, we seemed to always be on the losing team. Mom locked all the doors. She didn’t want anyone coming through the doors sopping wet. Dad hurried down to the ground knowing we would run to shut off his water supply. We learned quickly how to pinch the hose so the water couldn’t get through. The neighbors watching us from their windows, thinking we were crazy to be having a water fight in the middle of a summer down pour. We could care less. They were the ones missing out. I get warm, fuzzy. happy feelings when I think about those summer days and the fun we had. Mom made us change in the garage, but we all entered the house with wet hair and joy in our hearts.

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