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Wasp, Mice, and Other Fun Stuff

When a Yellow Jackets makes a big nest in your small storage shed, I’ll just send Jer over. The wasps have been especially aggressive the last couple weeks. I was stung on my finger, and it took three days for the minor swelling to go down. This week Jer found a nest in the shed. We didn’t have wasp killer, but we had something else we thought would work. I suggested he wait until after the sun went down. Jer decided to do it a little sooner.

It wasn’t until he came to the trailer did, I realize what he’d be up to. After spraying the nest, a few Yellow Jackets came out, but it wasn’t until he knocked it to the ground to take outside with the shovel that they really got mad. He got stung a couple of times. Only one got him good. I guess wearing shorts when you do this sort of thing isn’t recommended. The nest was demolished and queen killed. Jer the Great reins victorious.

The weather has begun to cool a bit and we decided to turn on the trailer heater just to take the chill off. Our usually fairly quiet heater sounded like a car engine in bad repair. Come to find out, a mouse had made her nest in it. She had lined the whole inside with cotton. I have no idea where she got that. For the third time this year we’ve had to take the heater out and fix it. Urgh! At least it is fixable.

This weekend we planned to complete the paint trim on the house and thought it wouldn’t take long. Oh my gosh, it was so much work. Even though Jer had done some trim last week, this week was a lot of high awkward places. We also took the time to scrape off all the new window stickers and wash them. Jer was a champ as he moved ladders around and climbed up and down a thousand times. I really don’t know how he did all that he did. I could only do the low areas and hold a paint pan on a ten-foot ladder on the top deck and pray while Jer did one of the most difficult areas. I’m so grateful for all his ability and hard work.

Let’s hear a hooray for having the painting done… all of it, including the shed! Another weekend of accomplishments.

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