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Trailer Troubles

Don't we look happy here? This picture was taken last year on the first day we got our trailer up on our property, approximately thirteen months ago. It's allowed us to stay through weekends while we've worked on our debt free house. It's been our home away from home.

We've had to move it around on the property a few times to get out of the way of contactors and our lumber supply. Jer originally place it in our too small round-about at my request. He wasn't sure he could get it back out but he did. We keep it on the south side of the property near our neighbor's fence now. Three benefits to this: 1. the trailer is out of the way, 2. there is a natural path down to our house, and 3. we can send and receive texts and check emails at this location.

Some good news about a blog a few weeks ago. Our heater, that stopped working, just needed to be cleaned out. It worked just fine last weekend. We thought we were in the clear as long as we could get the battery to hold out. For those of you who don't know batteries, letting them run low and recharging over and over wears them out pretty fast.

The battery shop informed us we were two weeks past our warranty. Our prayer is the owner will still honor it and give us a discount. So, after buying a new battery while we wait on that decision, the battery shop worked to fix our old one. It's ready for pick up but we are still praying for that discount.

Friday morning we head out early to work for the weekend, hook up the battery, start the heater, and click...then silence. After several tries, Jer tapped the unit with his hand and it started. Thinking it was fluke, we turned it off and then on, click but nothing happened. I tapped the unit and it came on. I won't lie, I did pray. To make sure it would continue working, I stayed in the trailer and took a morning nap. Jer came in for lunch but not long after he went back to work, the heater came on for a few seconds and quit. I knew immediately it was bad news. No amount of tapping the unit made it come on but didn't want to go tell Jer right away as it would disrupt his work. I figured we would have to leave.

I reached out to our neighbor whose Airbnb we had used for Joel and Holly the week before. His house is about one-fourth mile from ours. It wasn't occupied and he offered to let us use it for free, "Neighbors helping Neighbors," he said. Grateful.

Jer once again pulled the heating unit out. We feel certain it's something small. Now we just need the technicians to help us find the problem and fix it properly.

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