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Too Deep for Me

Our building project area went from almost no snow to almost four feet in a week, with still more to come. It wasn’t like we didn’t know this was coming. We have actually been super thankful for the couple of extra months we’ve had with easy access to the house. We just wished we’d taken more materials in before this. We hadn’t expected to go to the property as often as we have.

The title is a bit of a metaphor. I’m not just talking about snow here. I’m talking about this project and life in general. From a human standpoint I can’t see how we can accomplish our goals within the time frame we have been given. Jer and I figure and re-figure numbers until I just have to step away.

In these moments of being overwhelmed, I remind myself that every home we’ve owned has been a miracle, this one being our third. We had NO financial way to get into our first home. It’s a long and amazing story where God made the impossible possible. I basically worked as the general contractor through an organization that helped first-time homeowners put sweat equity into their home to save costs. First God provided the 5% down we needed. Then the bank told us they were only doing 10% down loans so they stopped working on the loan altogether.

The building company wanted to take us to another lender, but we told them to give us a few days to pray. Yeah, they thought it sounded crazy too. Within a week, God had provided Jer with a promotion, a pay increase, and a bonus, which after taxes, left the exact amount we needed. Yep, we built that 1150 square foot home in fifty-one days. I was motivated, being pregnant with baby number four.

We lived there for six and a half years, filling it with six children. We decided to sell at a ridiculous time. Jer had been out of work for seven months doing odd jobs. We had gone through a lot of financial crises, had a child go through cancer, had a car repossessed, so much more BUT we had paid every bill and were debt free. We thought if God sells it, He’ll provide. Two weeks later our home sold for our asking price.

When I began calling banks, they laughed at me. Again, God made a way and gave us exactly what we asked for. We didn’t even have earnest money because our other house hadn’t closed. The builder only asked for $100 and let us move in early. What?! Crazy, right? We lived in this brand-new home for two months before a loan opened for us and it was a horrible loan. We turned it down, surprising our loan agent, and called the builder. He told us to pack our bags. We sat, cried, and prayed for God’s intervention.

We knew we were going in for a second-rate loan due to our financial struggles. A few minutes later the builder called us back with a couple loan officers to talk to. The first agent told us we should have filed for bankruptcy years ago. Gosh, isn’t there any integrity in paying your debts? The second did the paperwork, made us write a letter as to why we didn’t file bankruptcy, and really didn’t think the bank would say ‘yes’. Again, God made impossible possible. We weren’t given a second-rate loan; we were given the going fixed rate loan after two more months of living in the house.

My point? If every home God has provided for us has been supernaturally supplied, why wouldn’t God do it again? I post this in faith, so when the day comes, you will know that Jer and I didn’t build this house, but God did…as a gift to us because He loves us. He loves you too. Don’t let your doubt hold you back but let your faith move you forward.

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1 Comment

Amen & hallelujah for God's lovingkindness, faithfulness & His Holy Spirit giving us the courage to believe & grow our faith in Jesus!

I love your God filled stories of true life for you!

Love in Christ, Melaine

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