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Tic, Tock, Racing the Clock

I needed a little break from the crazy schedule of working on our house, but Jer still made it up to the property. Funny or not so funny thing is I still ended up doing work at home. It’s hard to be still when you are used to being busy.

Our neighbor, Nick, had scheduled to help Jer with some wiring and conduit it runs through. We are working hard to get the approval to cover this before the rain makes things super muddy and especially before the snow starts to fall. The main reason is because we have exposed the foundation down past the footing.

The other goal was for Nick to help us set up a temporary floor from the loft to the wall using his I-beams. He actually built them himself. This will allow us to work on the vaulted area of our house safely. We are incredibly thankful for his help and allowing us to use all his tools to sheet rock… after we finish insulating the ceiling. The question is, can we get sheet rock in before it snows, and do I have the physical strength to help him unload it? Having it delivered increases cost.

We are fighting against time and resources, or the lack of. The county should be contacting us to let us know if we can get partial approval on insulation. This would allow us to begin sheet rocking before we’ve finished the insulation under the house. If we can get the sheet rock delivered before it snows, we might be able to make a trip or two during the winter to work on hanging it.

Tic, tock, tic, tock. The county has given us a deadline, or we have to repay our permits. We’ve already surpassed the extensions. The pressures mounting as we navigate time, resource, and weather restrictions. It’s exciting and nerve racking at the same time. We could probably get a small loan to finish but the whole idea was to do this debt free.

Soooo, we will take it a week at a time and work on being grateful for what we can do. I’m not super excited about another winter in our trailer, especially when it feels like we are getting so much closer to having the house done. We are thankful to have a roof over our head and a place to stay warm and cozy. Patience!

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