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Weekend after weekend of heading up to the property to work on building our home from March to November 2022 was... busy and exhausting. I have to admit, I looked forward to having a break from our crazy schedule.

With all our wild weather here, we were eager to check to make sure our hard work held up over the last couple month. Thankfully, the area had more rain than snow. The roads were bare as we made our way up the hillside but the gravel roads were snow packed and icy. We figured we were going to have to clear some snow just to pull in our drive way.

One foot of snow erased any outline of the edges of our drive. Originally we had planned to lock up our tractor way back near the house but on last thought we dediced to move it closer to the road, yet out of view. So thankful we did that. Bicuit, our dog, and I sat in the truck while Jer spent an hour and a half clearing just the front area of the drive. Even with all that work, we couldn't get the truck up the initial slope and had to just park it sideways on the front of the drive.

Yet, there were so many positive things that day like no rain (at least to begin with), the tractor started (since we were worried it might not after sitting in the cold), the house was still standing and everything was dry on the inside. Jer turned on the propane heater and generator so we could heat up our lunch. The Power House was fine and the solar panel rack handled the weight of the snow.

Jer spend time knocking down the snow that had slid off, creating a cave-like wall, in order to make room for more snow to fall. It had started raining but within thirty minutes we were back down the hill and we had a dry beautiful drive home. Big thumbs up on this trip.

March is the plan to begin again. So much to be done but I'm so glad we aren't where we were last year. Forward we go.

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