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Through the Gate

When we purchased five raw acres of forest land and needed to put an access road to where we planned to build, I wanted to avoid taking down any trees. The path weaves back and forth into the center of the property, about three hundred and fifty feet long. It’s very pretty. The purpose of missing the trees was motivated by two things. One, not wanting to clear out the stumps but for me, it was mostly about not wanting to kill any trees.

One of our sons pointed out that it would be difficult to get any trailer down the path. Yet, the huge grave truck didn’t have any problem and we did park our trailer there the first time we began working. It did eventually become evident some trees were going to have to come down. We’ll probably do some stump grinding rather than digging. Excavators are expensive.

The very first neighbor we met told us we would need a fence around our property to help keep the critters out. We’d like to, but it’s not at the top of our list of priorities at the moment. Although, a gate seemed to be a good idea.

For almost two years now, we’ve been looking at the different gates in the area. The area has a social media platform it shares. I’m sure not everyone is on it but it’s very helpful to know when you have a bear roaming the neighborhood, which seems to be in the early spring each year.

Honestly, I’m not concerned with wildlife. I’m more concerned with the people living further up the hill in a homeless camp. I can’t imagine trying to live through a winter homeless in this area, but people do. The social media platform warns about who’s stealing, with photos of them and what they drive. I heard a group works together using turkey calls to signal eachother.

God has been so good to protect all we have. Still, our driveway is easy to access, where no one would see if someone came to steal things. Time to build a gate!

Jer manually dug the holes. The dirt was so compacted it felt like rock. Hot, difficult wor for sure. We leveled the posts and put cement around them with thick two by six stringers to make it strong. Our fence is only four feet wide on each side of the gate but it’s a start and with a chain and lock around the gate, our property isn’t as easy to access. Another score for completed tasks. Yay!

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