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The Thing We Did- The Apartment

When you get a cash offer on your home of thirty years, they buyers generally want to take possession fairly quickly. That was true for us.

We quickly began to sell things, pack what we were saving for the new house and what we would take to the apartment. I guess, I forgot to tell you we planned to duo-live. Obviously, we would need somewhere to live until we built but we don't plan to live fulltime in the new place, at least not for a while. Remember, we were doing this in faith. We didn’t even know where we were going to build.

I hadn’t expected looking for an apartment to be so difficult and time consuming. Maybe trying to hunt for a place while working full-time on top of packing, just made it feel that way. We hadn’t live in an apartment since our first year of marriage over 40 years ago. We wanted to keep the cost down but were concerned with what our adult children would think, since they were having such a hard time with our choice to sell.

The nicer apartments cost more with little to no green space and no view. We also wanted a ground floor level so our aging mothers could come visit, not to mention we have a small dog. I had a whole stack of brochures in few weeks. They all started to blend together.

I was just about to give up when we walked into one older apartment. It was a complete white out. Walls, doors, they even painted the kitchen and bathroom cupboard doors white which hung crookedly on their hinges. Oh, but the view. The sun shone through the corner of the dining room and a forest of trees filled the windows across all of the living area. A carpet of green grass laid outside the back door.

We stood there in this fairly rundown apartment advertised as “Luxury Apartments” for a good forty-five minutes trying to decide if we could do this. Could we live in this less than luxurious dwelling. Our phone rang. The manager was wondering if we were okay. I guess people don’t usually take that long to view an apartment but this was a big decision.

What do you think we did?

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