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The Space Between

I know you’ve been anxiously awaiting the latest news on this thing we are doing. I’ve definitely been slacking. At first it was just because there wasn’t much going on. It’s hard when you don’t have power to move things forward.

Securing subcontractors continues to be a challenge. Why don’t people return calls and emails?! We finally found a foundation/framer. Yahoo! But we desperately needed help with the rough plumbing and an electrician. Sigh.

As you see in the pictures, we did get most all our windows up to the property safely. Kind of crazy to have windows, appliances, and a wood stove but no home. Also, to have a well, septic and electricity but none are functional. It reminds me of being pregnant with my first child. I was several days overdue and it felt like It. Never. Was. Going. To. Happen!!! So much is out of our control. Yet, we’ve rested a little more while we’ve made trips up to the new, soon-to-be homestead.

Meanwhile big things began happening at our home base. We’ve decided not to renew our apartment lease and have purchased another larger trailer with three slide outs. We downsized again. It feels like a repeat of last year, at the same time as last year. We purged and sold what we could. We had to move everything to a large storage unit from the two garages we were renting. The great news is it will help us as save or at least have the money to finish the build.

So where are we going locally? A friend has a large farm and a spot with full hookups. She’s allowing us to join her on her property. We’ve been here now for about three weeks and we really like all the space and feel of the farm. Still getting used to having to hand wash dishes and the lovely little bathroom with its better-be-quick-about-it showers, but we have a large living area, almost as big as our apartment.

Feels a little crazy to go from a large home to an apartment to living in a large RV but it’s all part of the plan.

More to come. I have so much to update you on!

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