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The Scary Things

There are just things that HAVE to be done before the seasons change and the weather with it. Unfortunately, this requires prep work, the things Jer and I have put off because it is very high and a little scary.

Last year was a race to get the house closed in with windows, roofing, and siding before the rain and snow really hit. We completed it and walked away for the winter, nearly four and a half months. With a long driveway like ours and not being there regularly to clear it, getting to the house would be difficult. On top of that, all trips would be day trips because we have to remove our trailer from the property before the heavy snow starts.

After seeing all the mildew that grew on the bare wood under the eves, we knew we couldn’t let the house go through another winter without painting it. The scary part was all the high work Jer had to do, because it’s too much for me. Jer even admitted he’s less and less a fan of heights.

What do you do before you paint? You prep the house. We caulked every window and door and the trim around it. Jer was the one climbing up a good twenty-five feet in the air with the caulking gun in hand. Me? I did my usual and stayed below and prayed for safety. Twenty-six caulking tubes later we are mostly done. We’ll be renting a lift for the final portion.

The finish trim on the decorative pieces still needed to be completed and caulked. After measuring and cutting the trimpieces, I’d climb the stairs to the second floor while Jer climbed the ladder with his nail gun in hand. We decided to have him use his harness, but he couldn’t connect to the beam until he was at the top. Still, it made us both feel better about the measuring and nailing he had to do, even though he didn’t have that protection while climbing the ladder.

Every little bit gets us closer to seeing our dream realized. I can’t wait for the high projects to be completed but grateful for the protection God has given us.

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