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The Positive Side of Lemons

Updated: Jan 16, 2023

Ever heard the say, "If life give you lemons..."?

Lemons shouldn't get a bad rap because a lot of good things come from lemons. We recently were with our grandson and things hadn't gone as planned. To cheer him up everyone in the car began to give examples of what you can make from lemons besides just lemonaid, like lemon drops, lemon pie, lemon bars, and so on.

It's all in the perspective you take. While not blogging this last month or so, Jer and I have been having our own 'lemon' kinds of experiences. Who knew we could go through propane so quickly. A big deal when this is how you heat your home. Not to mention the cost!

Our heated cord that laiding next to the hose supplying water wasn't enough to keep it from freezing, all 100 feet of it. Cha-ching $$. Immediately Jer ran out to buy heated hoses and because they don't stock 100 ft hoses, we had to buy two 50 ft hoses. Freezing ran, multiple wind storms has caused power outages four times in the last couple months. The wind blew down part of our newly installed shirt Jer had built around the trailer. We've accessed the laundry mat on more than one occasion.

Yet as it rains, the rather noisy sound reminds us to be thankful that we are warm and dry. We enjoyed our Christmas decorations, watched our share of movies, and I even made pie in my tiny propane oven. Living on a farm is peaceful. With all our downsizing, we still have more than we need. It's been different, but all in all, life is good.

We hope to head up to the property where we are building and praying no damage has been done during the winter storms. I'll keep you posted.

Jer and I are living life. Change is hard, stretching, but good for us. Happy New Year everyone!

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1 Comment

Jan 12, 2023

Thanks for letting us read your update! Love & prayers & a happy new year!

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