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The Plumb Truth

The good news? We passed our plumbing inspection… sort of.. partially. All the water lines are approved but all the venting is not. You might remember Jer spent a good part of a day working on plugging the vents for this but Nick, our neighbor, said not to unless they ask. Well, they asked.

Now with less wiggle room, we are left to do a water test on the vents. The problem with this isn’t just the plugging of all downward water flow, which is a bear in and of itself, but it also means we need to get water into those pipes. That wouldn’t be such a big deal if we had running water. We have a well but no power to pump it. We are working on a temporary solution using our generator.

We have two major goals this coming month. 1. Get things setup to do venting permit portion and pass, and 2. Prep and paint the house. Okay, I agree, it sounds more like four things but in reality, it’s like nine things that have to be done.

This weekend we were able to get our downstairs deck ceilings covered, shown in the photos. But we still have the upstairs to do, but before we can do the top deck, there is a little demolition to be done and decorative pieces to put in. That’s all in Jer’s wheel-house. My job will be to pray he stays safe while doing it, with no upstairs railing.

I was able to help with the deck ceiling but mostly I worked on caulking. We’ve used fifteen tubes and still aren’t done. My hands looked like I was frosting a cake without a spatula. I would have taken a picture, but I couldn’t touch my phone. Jer seemed mystified as to how I could make this simple job so messy. It was everywhere and my hands looked like they were covered in gooey plaster.

Anyway, we are plugging along (pun intended) to get things done as we carefully navigate our time and resources. Urgh. I wish it was faster.

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