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The Big Cover Up

Day Time Early Morning

This was it! The weekend to paint the house. There was also the final decorative framing to complete, and I was actually excited about it all.

First, we rented a lift for Jer to reach the high gable that overlaps a lower gable. It was a struggle to figure out how to maneuver the machine and hang the decorative piece. Now it was eight o’clock in the evening and we still hadn't completed it. I won’t lie, I shed a tear or two over the disappointment of a goal not met.

Second, we got up early the next day and completed last night’s task pretty quickly and began to prime the exposed eaves. Jer started at the high spot because we needed it to dry so we could come back and paint it. We only had the lift for a short time. Thankfully, Jer has done a lot of painting and was pretty quick about it. A friend showed up to help just about the time we were finishing the priming.

This allowed me to work on priming the pressure treated wood posts. Jer told me to put it on thick to fill in the lines. Did I mention I’m a bit messy? I only did a few posts. Still, white was all over my hands, spackled my arms and clothes. It was sprinkled around the deck. I decided then and there Jer would need to do the trim. He makes it all look so easy.

Next, it was time for the paint! With excitement I waited to see the warm tan I’d picked out for our walls. Our son got us a good deal on paint and had even double checked the paint color with me because there was a lot of orange pigment in it. What can I say? It looked tan to me on that little piece of paper. It was the only color we hadn’t tested out because I didn’t want to pay for another quart. Jer sprayed on a six by six foot area in fairly sunny area. He and our friend waited for my reaction to the florescent salmon color staring back at me. I said, “We are going to have an orange house,” and walked away. I didn’t cry. I knew if I made a $1000 mistake, I had to own it.

Color can be funny. Depending on the light, it changes. Jer was gracious enough to work after dinner and do some trim work to make me feel better. The color is growing on me. I was going for a warm welcoming color and got a WOW-wake up sunshine color. Jer insists he likes it. The color is growing on me. It’s definitely unique and the trim did help. You’ll have to tell me what you think.

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