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The Art of Play

I’m probably the last person who should be talking about playing, since I feel like I’ve lost a lot of my ability to play. Yet, here I am trying to recapture this very important art in life.

Have you noticed how children can make a toy out of anything, even a stick or a rock? They find pleasure in simple things and have great imaginations. Why is it as we grow older that we lose this incredible gift of fun?

I’ve noticed some adults are better at it than others. My dad loved a good prank. He’d get the biggest kick out of sticking a fake egg in your fridge and watching what you’d do. He laughed when some one gave him a power-tool for Christmas, that really was just a regular hammer with a cord stuck in the end. Dad was willing to be silly even as an adult.

I love a good joke as well and I can be silly but don’t do it often. It’s the reason I took up writing fiction, so I could play. I could go to new places, pretend to be someone else, and have adventures.

The thing about playing is its not as much fun when you are doing it by yourself. I created a contest to involve people in the fun of my newly published book, Escape From Nowhere, but I can’t seem to get hardly anyone to play along with me. I feel silly about doing these social media posts but it’s part of trying something new. Am I making a fool of myself at my attempt at playing? Yikes!

It’s kind of like a virtual scavenger hunt through my new book, Escape From Nowhere. There are points for liking, sharing and answering clues. Answer on my website, signup on my email and give your answers there, so others don’t see. You can also learn more about my book. At the same time, you’ll gain 65 whopping point for signing up! AND you’ll be supporting victims of domestic violence and abuse, since a portion of the proceeds go back to It’s a win-win! Join the fun!

First Prize is a $50 gift card. Contest ends Dec. 31. So, order your book today! Don’t forget to leave a review on Amazon when you’re done. 😊

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