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That Thing We Did-Now What?

The house had sold successfully, we settled into our little apartment, but were unsure of what we should do next. What property, if any, laid out there waiting for us?

During of first month of getting the apartment organized, we planned our next trip back to the area where our former neighbors property was. It was free camping. Couldn’t pass that up.

We called our realtor in the area but he wasn’t going to be out of town when we were coming. He connected us with Amber, another realtor. She had planned to meet us at a site on Friday but then decided to just give us the location and let us take a look for ourselves. It was about an hour away from our camping spot but kind of on the way.

With trailer in tow, we found ourselves winding around a very bumpy gravel road only to find it blocked because of fire hazard. Once we were in cell phone range, we text Amber. There was another way in, but we decide we had had enough for the day.

We did stop at another place Jer had seen a week before. Jer and I hiked up a couple very large grassy hills, climbing under barbed wire fences to get to the spot he wanted to show me. It had a great view, but there were no trees. Well, there were trees miles off in the view but not on the property.

The next morning Amber gave us several places to check out and planned to meet us a little later. The original plan was for us to drive an hour back to the first site without our trailer and up the other side of the hill, then catch up with her. Once we arrived, we found a well-kept gravel road. The property was only a mile in. It was near the drier side of the state but covered in trees. Raw land.

When we walked around, there were deer breakfasting in a sun break. It sat in a beautiful neighborhood of five acres plots. Could this be it? The price was reasonable from what we had seen but still more than we had wanted to pay.

Down the hill at the local restaurant, we called Amber. She told us there were already two offers over asking price. Jer and I decided what out absolute top price would be and told her to make the offer. Amber talked us out of going to any of looking at any others because she really didn’t have the time.

Our former neighbors had left, so we moved our camp site to theirs. Deciding to just take the next day off from property hunting, resting and enjoying the amazing star-gazing. We went home fairly certain that we would NOT get the property we had bid on. We just prayed for God’s will.

Low and behold, three days later we got the call. The sellers had accepted our offer. At first, we were shocked. “Oh?!” Then the reality set it. “Oh.” Like are we really going to do this thing?!

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