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That Thing We Did

After camping on our neighbor’s property, we left feeling one hundred percent sure that this property was ours.

Our faith was so strong we immediately called our realtor, Ben, to let him know we were ready to sell our home of thirty years. I spent the rest of our vacation time off purging every closet and drawer. Jer took multiple loads to Goodwill, sometimes several in a day.

Ben came over and went through the house telling us what we need to get rid of or move before they could take pictures and post it. This was a month before our market date. We sold items in the midst of one of our hottest summers. Triple digits for a week with only a small air condition unit in one window to keep things tolerable. It was pretty miserable.

What we hadn’t expected was the reaction from our kids. We were selling the home they grew up in, the home we held all the holidays at, and this was our year for everyone to come home for Christmas. To say it was a big deal would be an understatement. Everyone had to process through what felt like a loss. We understood from a sentimental viewpoint but we were swimming in this big home, leaving most door shut. It was time.

There were things to grieve but mostly it felt like we were moving forward. We didn’t even have land in our possession but we knew it was time to take a leap of faith. We continued to trust that our neighbor property was meant for us. Until... about a week before our house went on the market Jer came in and told me Mr. H had a large brand-new tractor sitting in his back yard. He could see it over the fence. Clue number one that things might be changing. Sure enough, Mr. H confirmed they bought the tractor for their property and planned to build a home on it.

I guess we should have felt proud to have inspired them to do something they had been talking about for years.

The next week our home sold in one day for thousands of dollars over the asking price, a cash offer. Our realtor was shocked but we just felt like God was confirming our decision.

So, I finally got to tell you about that thing we did, or at least most of it but I have a lot more to tell you about that thing we are doing. Stay tuned in for my weekly updates.

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