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That Thing We are Doing- The Problem with Unknowns

It was time to get our new-to-us trailer set on the property. This would allow for more than just day trips. I may have failed to mention we had sold our tiny trailer and bought an older trailer that is almost twice as long as our last. We actually sold a couple of items to pay things off things, to keep our debt in income ratio the same, as we purchase an older truck and a brand new tractor. By the way, I drove the tractor for the first time last week and it was awesome!

Jer wanted to try set the trailer where the well diggers would need access. I wanted it down by our too-small round-about, on the side away from the building site. We tried a version of Jer’s idea first but ended up setting it where I had originally wanted it. The problem is the slope. Once we figure out how to get it back out, I’ll let you know. That will be another story.

There is always a purpose when we go to the property. Jer wanted to finish cutting up one of the big trees that would eventually be in the way of the septic. I plan to work more burn piles. The wind can get pretty gusty at this altitude and the neighbors had already commented once about burning on a windy day. I tried to keep them small and manageable.

We were happy to be done for the day and head into our warm trailer for the night. The thing about purchasing older pre-used items, like the trailer, is you don’t always know what’s going to work or not work. After snuggling into bed, Jer and I watched a movie on my tablet. Just as we were done, the frig beeped. No power. From ten to midnight, we had to run the generator but weren’t able to heat while it was running. We quickly learned the charge on the battery could only lasted seven hours.

Our neighbors text Jer later the next day and ask if we were, “Going to run our generator ALL NIGHT!” He apologized and tried to explain. We ran it earlier that night but ran out of heat early in the morning. Urgh! The good news is we were prepared the next week with a brand new battery. I think we have the trailer things figured out now, except for how to tow it back out. One adventure at a time.

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