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That Thing We are Doing- Neighbors

Rural mountain areas are filled with all kinds of people. We had been told this was a good area but we still found some colorful folk here, just like we had found looking at property in another mountain.

Still trying to settle my racing heart from the might-be mama bear and cub, we heard gun shots and people screaming. Both male and female voices could be heard from across our street. You need to understand, Jer and I work in the field of domestic violence, with both victims and perpetrators. I suggested he go to the edge of the property but stay hidden behind our car. Jer left with his hand ready on his gun.

I had heard the best way to keep bears away was to make a lot of noise but here I was sitting, quiet as a mouse. Deciding that wasn’t a good idea, I stood up, starting hitting some sticks together and singing but not too loud. I’m not a good singer. That didn’t help my anxiety. By now it had gone quiet but Jer hadn’t returned.

After looking around for a weapon, I decide on the metal mallet Jer had brought. I slung it over my shoulder and grabbed the dog lease. When I neared the front of the property, Jer stood near our neighbors fence on the south side of our property. They were having a friendly conversation.

The commotion between the father and his daughter’s shirtless boyfriend, who had adjoining properties, was over. There was a lot of yelling, threats, and wielding of weapons. But Tracy assured us that it only happens once in a long while. Someone must have called the police because later we saw a police car there. I was just thankful to know everyone was okay and that the police actually came up the hill when needed.

Sharing my anxiety and sense of feeling overwhelmed with all this land, bears, guns… Tracy called me a city girl. URG! I didn’t appreciate that. We came to find out that we had out bid Tracy and Kent on the property. They seemed nice, and originally came from one of the largest southern Californian cities, and I was the city girl???

That was enough for our first day on our land. Jer and I got home after dark. Exhausted, I ate, took a shower, and went straight to bed by seven-thirty.

So far, it’s been an exciting journey; nerve racking, happy, challenging, and fun adventure.

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