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That Thing We are Doing- Nature Calls

Our goal after finding our monuments (corners of our property) was to draw a string that nearly ran seven hundred feet from one end to the other. This would help us decide where to put our access road. You might remember our uneven line that we staked out. My plan was to use it as a sort-of guide. Jer was skeptical and expressed it multiple times as we climbed through bushes and over logs.

Encouragement was a must as we adjusted and readjusted the line. Finally, we tied the string to the fence stake at the end. From there we worked our way backward, straightening the lined one more time. When we finished, we felt really good about the accuracy of the line.

After I went back down the line to put in stakes with pink ribbon every ten feet or so, I joined Jer, who opened the prefab small shed we were building. I heading to the street to get some tools from our vehicle. Just as I prepared to head back, I saw a couple people on a four-wheeler coming my way.

One was a man. I couldn’t tell who else was with him but I started booking it into the property. They drove right up to me. I stop but backed up a couple steps.

Dan and Courtney turned out to be our neighbors who lived behind us with the bear, I mean their dog. Dan informed me that they had seen us working to make a straight line in the back. He kindly pointed out how crooked it was and had laid some rope on the ground so we could see our property line. They had watched us through their trail cams on their mostly cleared property.

They also informed me of the many wild and dangerous animals they'd seen in the area that Tracy had assured us didn’t exist beyond the occasional bear. After warning me to make sure we keep our little dog near us so that the four-foot owl wouldn’t snatch her up, they left.

They seemed nice. I was happy to meet them but then I got to thinking about those trail cams. I remembered after we made it to the far back end of the property, we both needed to use the bathroom. Obviously, there were no bathrooms out there. On occasion, we used the forest. I don't remember going very deep into the woods and worried they may have gotten a scarier view than any wild animal they had seen.

I haven’t seen Dan or Courney since but if I do, I don’t plan on mentioning it. How embarrassing!

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1 Comment

Mar 28, 2022

Stacey and Jerry! Love your new adventures & your blog writings give me insight as well as the giggles! Praise the Lord God for His faithfulness and your exuberance!

Faithfully yours, Melaine

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