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Surfers vs S'mores - Part 7

Meals in the RV were an adventure in and of themselves and some of most cherished memories of this big family vacation.

Imagine standing in a very tiny kitchen preparing a meal for eight people. Of course, I had thought ahead to try and make the easiest meals possible. We always added in somethings we never did at home, like warming Pop tarts on a pan (since the toaster was left in the first RV). A cup of cocoa finished off our nicely rounded breakfast. Ha. Then there was the sugar cereal, another favorite since I never bought it at home. Taco, hot dogs and macaroni, along with other kid family favorites were a part of the meal plan. Of all the meals, our time together eating in or outside on the picnic table were the most fun meals we had. It was more relaxed then the busy activity we felt at Disney Land. We’d talk and have a great time just being together. Towards the end or our family vacation, after spending a day at SeaWorld in San Diego, we decided to go to the beach for the day. It was difficult finding a spot along the perimeter of the ocean in our long RV but eventually we did. Parked at the curb of an area were the land rose but had quick access to the sandy beach, we settled in. We hadn’t realized we picked a favorite spot of surf-boarders. All seemed well until we decided to barbecue hamburgers in our mini charcoal grill…in the street. Annie, at fifteen, was the most embarrassed of our behavior. Especially as all the handsome young men coming up the hill with their wet suits peeled half off, exposing their muscular torsos. She refused to go outside at this point but when we got to making our s'mores, she had second thoughts. Jer and I thought it was pretty hilarious. Annie couldn’t convince anyone to make her one. We all smiled as we ate our delicious dessert in front of her. The draw of s’mores eventually became bigger than her embarrassment. With marshmallows in had she marched out and as quickly roasted them, she returned to the RV. I still remember the look of determination on her slightly pink face.

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