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Steak and Salad

In the midst of working to complete high school half way through my junior year, I managed to squeeze in a visit at my sister’s college. It was fun spending time in the dorm and feeling so grown up. I attended a few of her classes but there was enough time to leave me feeling bored.

When this happened, I sat in the common area where both male and female students met up. Being true to my shy nature, I sat and people watched. It didn’t take long for a young man to bounded my way. Yes, bounded is the correct word. I found out he was on the cheer squad. I enjoyed his positive nature and that he kept the conversation going. No awkward moments where I would be left to figure out what to say. Later that night he called and asked me out to dinner, while I was still in town. My protective sister gave me her permission. The next night I dressed up and headed out to a steak house with him. There was one problem. I couldn’t remember if his name was Ron, Rod or Rob. I tried one or two but he gave me a funny look so I stopped trying. After all I was only sixteen and he was a college boy. The waitress took my order, the meal sounded huge, like more than I could eat. Then she ask me, “Super salad?” “Super salad?” I looked at her confused. She repeated with a bit of an edge, “Super salad?” For the life of me I couldn’t figure out why she was asking me if I wanted a large salad after I had just ordered a big meal. I repeated again, “Super salad?” Completely exasperated she huffed, slowly enunciating her words, “Soup er salad!” Understanding spread across my face, “Oh soup or salad. I’ll have salad.” Honestly, I wasn’t embarrassed but I should have been. I had no idea what she wanted from me. Later that night (Ron, Rod or Rob) accidentally put his elbow down on his fork that hung partially off the table. It flew through the air. He looked at me and smiled, “You’re probably glad I did that.” As funny as it was, I really didn’t get what he meant by it until later. We wrote each other for a while. That’s when I learned his name was Rob. We went on one other date. He came in town to help his church put on their Valentine Dinner. He jokingly implied in front of everyone that I was his fiancé. Our relationship ended when I met Jer a few weeks later.

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