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Standing in the Storm

It’s a good feeling when you don’t let the storms of life stop you from moving forward.

We knew this weekend might be our last to try to get things ready for the winter. Our property sits around the 2300-foot level. The weather was calling for snow Saturday night and a huge high-wind winter rainstorm preceded it. As we prepare to leave early Friday morning, I have to be honest, both of us privately worked through our negative feelings about having to deal with the weather. Yet, not going was out of the question. Our plan was to finish siding the south side because it would get the brunt of the weather and possibly the west side dormer.

The dark sky loomed over us for the first hour and a half of our drive. The rain poured and the wind blew. As daylight broke, so did the weather, a little. Prepared for the cold, I wore three pairs of pants, two socks, three shirts and a coat, two hats and two pairs of gloves. Oh, and a scarf. With our positive attitudes we set up. Just as we began, the rain and wind caught up to us. Have you ever heard how loud wind is in high trees?

Jer was more exposed to the elements than me and better dressed for it in the morning but by lunch break, which lasted about 15 minutes, it was time for him to change out of all his wet clothes and into his next dry set.

Unfortunately, during the afternoon hours the rain seemed to drain straight down his neck, back and everywhere else. This second set of clothes was less resistant to the rain. Regardless, we worked and worked until we finished the exposed portion of the south side. Jer was especially cold. Thank God for RV heaters.

It was hard to sleep as the storm continued late into the night. I’ve never heard it so loud. Little lakes had formed around our trailer. I felt a little like Noah on the Ark.

I have to say, I felt proud that the next day we set our goals, did all we could, and pulled the trailer safely home. The roof is 100% finished and the men helping said they’d come back to finish the siding. Because of them, the half of the west dormer is finished that day.

We just need one more day with the crew to button it up. This race with time is hard but each time we come back with a little more peace about were we left it.

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