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So, We Did This Thing - part 8

Was there a place of land for us, we wondered?

We really were at a loss as where to look next. A couple days later as Jer was cleaning up the trailer, our long-time neighbor came over. Mr. H is a retired police officer and owns a couple homes and some property. In fact, he’s own this property for 18 years.

As they chatted, Jer told him what we were trying to do. Mr. H told him he had been wanting to sell his property for the last year. All ten acres… at a great price. He excitedly showed Jer pictures and told him all about it.

When Jer came in and told me, we both thought this was the answer to our prayers. We hadn’t even looked in this area. This had to be it.

Two days later Mr. H told Jer that they had spoken with there children and they didn’t want them to sell but we could go camp on it and look around. He was rather reluctant when he told us and stated if the kids didn’t come out and help in the next couple months, he’d still sell it to us.

There was still hope. We went online found some other properties in the area and set a time to meet with a realtor in the area. Mr. and Mrs. H would be camping there that same weekend.

The first thing Mr. H did was walk us around the ten acres. I remember thinking, “Oh my gosh, do we really need this much land?”

As we marched around the property, Mr. H basically told us all the things to watch out for like rattle snakes, lice, tree killing beetle, and the wildlife in the area. It was warm and the dry part of the state but not as pretty as the mountains I love so much.

We met with the realtor, who showed us several properties. He was really nice. We told him about our neighbor’s property that might still be up for grabs, he emphatically told us we should buy it, like right now. That area was selling like hot cakes on a griddle causing prices to rise.

When we got back to camp, our neighbors asked if we had found our land. Our response? “We’re standing on it.”

They laughed and told us they had another two-hour conversation with their son about the property the night before. They didn’t seem one hundred percent convince about selling or keeping the land, but we one hundred percent sure this was where God wanted us to be. Why else would God put it in our hands without us even knowing about it?

You just never know how one thing might lead to another, especially when you are focused on one thing. This was the jumping point to doing that thing which I still haven’t told you about.

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1 commento

So Stacey,

I have read each part and I have to tell you that the end of every one left me with the feelings of being on pins and needles to read the next part!!!

I can't wait to FIND out the thing that you did.....hurry up would ya!?!? (;

Mi piace
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