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So We Did This Thing - part 7

The hunt continued and off we went into the wild blue yonder… or something like that.

The part of the state we wanted is drier and sunnier than where we live. My brother lives in that area and it's only a three hour drive. The only problem was that community was pretty proud of their land and most were astronomically priced.

We headed out with our little trailer after doing our research and hoping we might find a lot that hadn’t be listed. It was fun parking our little RV on my brother’s long gravel driveway behind his home. He told there was sewer, water, and an electrical hook up. Sweet. Unfortunately, the sewer pipe stuck up more than foot out of the ground, a little high. Had to laugh about that. We all know how @#%! flows and it’s not up.

The sun was shining and warm enough with a sweater. We headed about thirty minutes out to look at a lot. The maps weren’t especially clear. The gravel road seemed endless. We stopped at lots with realtor signs on them. Jer really liked one because you could see five mountain tops from the property. The only problem was it only had three small trees on two and a half acres.

I figured I’d be dead by the time we had trees grew big enough to make the lot pretty. Another problem was the price of the property had increased one hundred and twenty-six percent in a year and a half. Did I tell you this area was proud of their property?

After venturing down the gravel road, it narrowed and became more treacherous. We back out and tried to get in another way but it looked just as bad. We got to thinking about the snow season and how difficult it would be to get out in an emergency. We aborted that hunt.

Hours of online and in-person hunting and we were still left with nothing. The best part of the trip was spending time with my bother and his wife.

Heading home, we wondered if we’d ever find a place to retreat but the best was yet to come.

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