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So, We Did This Thing - part 3

The journey continued to finding a way to have place of rest. We had ruled out an RV and a tiny home on wheels because both meant living in everyone’s back yard. What next?

What if we could buy a piece of land and build a full two-story tiny home on it, without the wheels? Can you feel the wheels turning in my head? Jer and I looked up house plans and found one that was 10 ft by 28 ft. About the size of a very small two-bedroom apartment with the upstairs. For just a few dollars we purchased the plans.

We were excited and were already modifying the plan to meet our needs. Now for the land. Where, oh, where could we find cheap land. Almost nowhere. Jer and I began looking almost daily. We joined realtor sites in different areas. The one area we could afford based on what we had in savings was five and a half hours away.

Our plan kept changing. Why live in a 10’ by 28’ two-story building when we could live in the exact same model at 14’ by 28’. The living room would be closer to the size of our family room. We actually put tape on the floor to see what it would be like.

Still there were other considerations. The plans were incomplete and not up to code. They gave no electrical or plumbing instructions. No problem, we’d just ask for help. Fortunately. we know an architect.

While working to secure help, we still had the issue with finding land. Many sites we liked were selling fast and prices were rising even faster. We expanded our search to new areas and states. Most realtors didn’t even get back to us but we finally planned a trip to the area five and a half hours away in the dead of winter.

Let me tell you, that was an adventure, but you’ll have to wait for the rest of that story.

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