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So We Did This Thing- part 2

My bright idea of getting a camper was like dating. You try it out, decide if you like it or not, and if it doesn’t work out you move on. After the first year of camping in our tiny RV, I was ready to sell it. Yet when the next season began, I actually found I missed it. With a little less fervor than the year before, we did go camping again.

After I go to bed, I do a quick check on social media. Really, it’s the only time I usually check it. I began seeing tiny homes on wheels that people were building. They are quite impressive. I watched episode after episode, asking Jer watch the ones I liked best.

I thought the bus makeovers were amazing too, especially the double decker. Some had three full bedrooms. Will Smith has one he uses when he travels. How cool is that?

You know how it is when you start looking at something on social media? Yeah, they just send you more of the same. To say I watched a lot of tiny home videos might be an understatement. This got me thinking. Jer is a really good handyman. Crunching numbers, I tried to figure out how we could do this debt free over a period of time while we worked to pay off our family home. I checked on laws around building tiny homes on your own property. Come to find out, most of the time you can’t.

Still, I hadn’t given up on the idea. Even though Jer questioned his skill level, I had total confidence that he could do most of the work. There are specifics for how long, wide, and high they can be. The reason? Because you have to be able to pull them on the road…using a licensed semitruck driver. Then what and to where?

Tiny homes are very popular but most people park them in Tiny Home parks. I looked them up and saw that it was kind of like a glorified mobile home park. Much like the camping, like living in everyone’s back yard. I’d only do the bus makeover if I planned to travel around the country the rest of my life. I’m working full-time and have we both have aging mother to care for. I couldn’t see that working.

I also didn’t like two other things. 1. The thought of living on wheels and 2. A small loft for a bedroom, that you had to climb a latter to get to and once there, you can’t stand upright in it.

This might sound like another idea fizzling out but it was only another step that eventually led us to the thing we did. More to come…

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