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Slacking or Not?

Two weekends of hard work have taken place since I last posted. First was our cement weekend. One hundred eighty-three 60lb bags of cement. Jer and I rushed up to the area early Friday to rent another auger that still couldn’t get the job done. After returning it, we picked up half the load of cement and ordered the rest to be delivered the next day.

One problem (of several), we couldn’t get a hold of our neighbor who had said we could use their well.

Jer was like, “We can find other things to do.”

But I was like, “That is not acceptable. We WILL find a solution.”

The next morning, I carefully found a spot on the property where I could get a signal to my phone and group messaged the area about our need. Blessings of blessings, we received multiple replies within minutes. One neighbor had a 250 gallon tank of water and brought it to us. We would have to gravity feed but we were so grateful. After he left, Kent, our neighbor stood at the fence as if he’d been there the whole time. The afternoon before no one was home. Fortunately, we were able to use his well.

Next came the mixer Jer had bought and put together. It had good reviews, stating it could hold up to five bags. We decided three was it’s limit as we worked on a ten by ten four-inch slab for our power shed. After just four or five goes, it gave up on us and Jer was left to mix 72.5 bags in a wheelbarrow by hand, one bag at a time. Slacking, I think not.

I felt disappointed that we didn’t get as much done as I had hoped due to our water issues delaying us but couldn't complain. Jer moved each bag twice. Four was my limit. The rest of the cement never arrived. It took Jer a four hour round trip to pick up the rest. Home Depot’s truck broke down and they didn’t bother to contact us.

Jer came back with a bag of M&Ms and a couple soda’s trying to make my mother’s day weekend a little brighter. Did I mention how much it rained Friday night?

Sunday, we woke to a dusting of snow… in May!!! Jer unloaded and restacked 90 bags of cement and out of the kindness of his heart we worked to get three of our eighteen solar panel poles cemented in. It was my mother’s day gift, at least that’s how it felt to me.

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🙏✝️🙏 You both are such wonderful witnesses of godly people... and awesome witnesses of how great a marriage can be when you have the Lord at the center. I love hearing your story as it unfolds & it always makes me chuckle! Blessings on you both!!!

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