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Scrambling to Get the Job Done

It’s been a rough couple weeks working on our house, for a lot of reasons I won’t bother to go in to. This weekend was a scrambled eggs of both positives and negatives.

Jer and I were happy to see the weather forecasting blues skies after a pretty rainy week. Temperatures dropped the night before we left, leaving us to drive into a winter wonderland. We hoped and prayed it would melt before Sunday because it was bring the trailer down the hill day. Temps kept the snow from fully melting but to my surprise, it looked like it was raining while the skies were blue. The snow gave way to the sun shining on it. Beautiful and strange to see.

Good news: we finished the inside insultation with almost none to spare. Now we can call for a partial inspection. Next week we plan to get a load of sheet rock up the hill and lift it to the second floor.

With the bitter cold, our heater ran continuously. The next morning Jer went on the hunt for a little propane to get us through the weekend. The whole morning was lost but we still hoped to finish a few more goals before it got too cold and dark to continue. Jer was working on getting just a portion of our propane line in for our tankless hot water heater. This would allow us to back fill by the foundation. Unfortunately, we were minus one piece of metal piping. Urgh!

Nick, our neighbor, came over and I headed to the trailer to warm up. He found some more framing done wrong. Some we will fix, some we won’t, but again it means more money. Double Urgh!

We were able to get our grounding rods in for the power shed and house. That’s at least something. Part way through the day our trailer was struggling with power. We pulled the generator up and ran it until the trailer was fully charged. But it didn’t last. Jer was up at midnight, then again at one-thirty am switch out generators. Of course, the dog decided she needed to do her business at that time too. Poor Jer out in the 21-degree temperatures, in his shorts and T-shirt gassing up generators and ungassing the dog.

To top it off, his battery powered fan, that he sleeps with, went through two DeWalt batteries that night. It was anything but a restful night sleep.

Sunday came and while pulling the trail out, a low hanging branch tore off a roof vent cover ☹ but we did get it safely down the hill, even if the truck acted up a little. God, help us. This is hard!

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