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Rock-ing the Wall

Another great weekend on the Womack homestead.

Every weekend we set goals of what we would like to accomplish, but to be honest, working all week then spending the weekend working on our house is exhausting. I decided to nap, unsuccessfully, as soon as we got there.

With a slow start, Jer and I determined our trench for the water going from the well to the pump was too deep. That meant filling in an area Jer had just spent over an hour digging in plus a pre-dug area of hundred more feet. You would think filling a ditch would be easier than pulling dirt out, but the dirt was packed from a winter of snow on it. Jer worked mostly with a pick ax and pulled the dirt down into our trench. We felt good getting an inch of gravel on it as well, as it is now prepared for the piping.

Another goal was fixing the electrical work that had been messed up since we had to move a couple walls. Thankfully, our friends Joel and Molly came back out and redid the work Joel had already done and with a positive attitude. We can’t thank them enough. Inspection time!

The rest of the weekend Jer continued working on our indoor plumbing. If I haven’t told you already, I hate feeling useless. After sweeping the debris out of the inside of the house…again, I headed outside.

The place where the septic vault sat was so rocky our excavator had to use a jack hammer to get it in. That left us with a mountain of mostly rock mixed with a little bit of dirt. What to do with it? I climbed and dug for the semi-large boulders for a couple hours. With them, I worked to build a rock wall barrier between our driveway and our septic, since it shouldn’t be driven over.

At least I accomplished something that last day while Jer and our neighbor worked diligently on the plumbing that we are running out of time to complete. I think it turned out pretty good. The before picture shows the flags and wood we had been using. I was tired but I got a good work out. I'll probably do more next weekend. Yay, for growing stronger!

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