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Ready, Set, Go!

I’m a busy person, so I say to myself, “Wouldn’t it be fun to write a fantasy book, a modern-day allegory when I go away to rest?” Like that isn’t time consuming. I tell no one, not even my husband, because it seems so ridiculous to me. I write a few pages until I start feeling silly but keep finding myself returning to work on it.

Long story short, I began to tell people what I did. I’ve now completed my first draft. People wanted to read it but I only agreed to allow a friend who edits and reviews book to take the first look. She thinks it’s great and wants to help me work on making it better, again and again and again. Did I say again? So now what do I do? I need to let people get to know me and get to know them, I’m told. Blogging is a great way to build relationship. Did I mention I’m an introvert? I have no problem speaking in front of large crowds but being in a crowd of people I don’t know is extremely uncomfortable for me. I’ve been doing the ‘greet the person next to you’ at church my whole life and still dislike it. Now to decide what I should blog about. I asked my best critics, my children. I told them I planned to blog about happy things. There’s enough unhappiness in this world, don’t you agree? My family said I should blog about how I survived raising six kids. The texting stream with my kids and their spouses became pretty hilarious. While I am introverted, it seems I always have a lot to say, when you get me one on one. Most people at work would be shocked to know how quiet I really am. At work, I really can’t function that way. Okay, so back to the blogging. I came up with the name Cheerful Distractions because I think we all need them. We need to smile and laugh. Parents need encouragement. It’s good for our soul. My husband and I look for happy movies but even those are hard to find when all you want is good clean fun without bad language and sexual innuendos. I actually think the most talented comedians are those who don’t have to do that to get a laugh. I watch funny videos just so I feel uplifted. Then I run to my husband and make him watch them. I like to watch him smile too. It’s going to be fun, that’s the whole point. Nothing heavy or negative, just cheerful. Something, that just for a few moments, distracts us from all the problems and responsibilities we all face. I’m actually smiling right now as I dream about the possibilities. Come along for the ride and ‘chuckle up.’

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