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Queen for the Night

Have I mentioned that my husband is amazing? Over the years he has consistently model servant leadership to our kids and thousands of other men in his work. It takes strength to lay you own wants and needs down for others but he does it regularly. It’s one of the reasons I fell in love with him.

When the kids were young, I stayed home and home schooled them. Needless to say, we were around each other a lot. I treated my work at home like a job and took great pride in what I did but there were those days where I just felt worn out. When Jer saw that look of exhaustion on my face, he would pronounce me ‘Queen for a Night’ and rally the troops. I was sent to the room to change into my pajamas and robe. One of the kids would seat me on the couch as they prepared a movie. They placed a pillow behind my head and under my feet. The youngest would put their blankys over my legs. One of the kids would sit behind me, brushing my hair, while another rubbed my shoulders. Still another would grab a foot stool, add the pillow, place my feet on it. I would then receive a wonderful foot massage. Jer made popcorn and soda for the kids to serve me. It was a night of pampering mom. Jer made it fun and the joy on my children’s faces bless my weary mama’s heart. While all this was going on, Jer cleaned the kitchen or worked on whatever need to be done that I hadn’t quite finished. Everyone needs not only a break once in a while but also to be appreciated. I definitely felt loved. To this day, Jer still out serves me. Whenever I’m weary, he just picks up the slack. Now that we both work outside the home, he does more inside the home than ever before. He often takes the chores I least like to do. That is love. Now Jer teaches other men how to be servant leaders to their wife and children, men who have actually done the opposite and destroyed relationships by their behaviors. Jer is a great leader for other men because he lives it every day. I’m incredibly blessed to have a strong man who is kind, generous and knows how to serve others well. The Bible says if you want to be great you must be a servant to all. I might have been queen for the night but Jer is king in my book.

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