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Project Completion Thrills

I don’t know about you, but I like completing projects. In fact, if I’m feeling down, I might look for something I can complete quickly to feel better. Maybe it’s like the endorphins people get after running. I used to run but those endorphins were never enough to make me love it.

So, another weekend on the homestead. It was going to be hot again, but the nice breeze made it a lot more bearable. The first day we worked on finishing our plumbing to pass inspection. Jer quickly fixed the leaks we found, and now we are good to go. Yay! Finally, we are calling in our inspection tomorrow! This is a huge completion as we have spent months of weekends working on it.

Second, was to finish putting wire mesh around our deck to discourage little creatures from making their home under there. This mesh comes in a large roll and after cutting it to the sizes I needed, the little ends would roll back and bite me. I have proof of this on my face, arms, legs, and even on top of my head. Back breaking work to cut and staple it to the deck but still another task done.

The next morning before the heat rose, Jer climbed up our steep roof to complete the final roof vent. It’s quite the work out on a 12/12 pitch. After Jer finished that he took down the eight toe-board anchors we had left up since last fall and we took down the scaffolding on the low end of the roof the framer used last summer. Wow, it looks like a brand-new house. I almost cried. It felt like such an accomplishment.

Then it was time for tractor work. Something I enjoy doing but back-filling around the deck didn’t go quite as smoothly as I planned. Moving dirt around isn’t so hard but getting it to look smooth is another thing. That left me to shovel, rake, and throw out large roots. Still, it looks pretty awesome, and I felt like we had another victory for the weekend.

Not all weekends go like this, but I am so grateful when they do. Completing things, especially hard things that take a long time is very rewarding.

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1 comentario

05 ago 2023

Praise the Lord for His faithfulness in giving you both the will,energy, stamina & ability to accomplish these huge tasks. And now your home looks beautiful!!!

Well done, good & faithful brother and sister!!! 💕🙏⚓️✝️⚓️🙏💕😍

Me gusta
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