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Still riding on my high from last week’s victories, I found my emotions taking a dip when we got our first estimate for framing. Crazy high bid! Then I reminded myself how God had already made the impossible possible two times the week before. I decided not to allow that bid to wreck my week and moved forward in planning the next weekend’s adventures.

I may have mentioned before that until our well was dug the county won’t approve our house plans. Guess what? The well was dug last week!

The business that dug our well said it was the clearest water they had ever seen in the area and that we had enough water pressure to provide water for the whole area if we wanted to, not just our home. They joking told us we were the talk of the town with the well and our new solar system in place. We were excited to go up and see the progress.

The company working on our septic and foundation were also on site this week. The septic is mostly complete, yet nothing is hooked up or functional at this point, including water and power. Still, it’s progress forward. The ground is ready for the foundation and support pads for our wrap around deck. Yay!

We had several goals to accomplish this last weekend. 1. Move our twenty-six foot trailer out of a very difficult spot, to another area that would be out of the way of future construction, 2. Reinforce our shed wall, insulate it, and cover it with plywood so that we could hang our power box for the solar system, and 3. Take down a tree that created a sharp turn for larger vehicles to come in.

Moved trailer. Check. It was difficult but I knew Jer could do it. Reinforcing, insulating, and covering the back wall of our power shed. Check. Now to finish the rest of the inside of the shed. Unfortunately, the solar package came with everything but the bolts to hang the panel on the wall. Oh well, we will be up there again soon enough.

Cutting down the tree seemed the easy task. Jer uses the chain saw, the tree falls, then he cuts up the part that is in the road. There was a problem though… actually several problems. The saw blade hadn’t been sharpened well. Jer worked and worked to get that tree down. When it fell, the trees across our tiny road basically caught it, so it didn’t fall. Even the branches on the dead tree across from it didn’t break. Jer using the tractor and a chain to pull the bottom of the tree, that refused to fall, about six inches at a time, until he had pulled it back a good eight feet. When if finally fell, we had to cut branches off (something we wouldn’t have had to do if it fell properly) before using the dull chain saw blade to cut the pieces out of the road. Check. Check. And Check.

All in all, good progress for the week. Now for the building plans to be approved.

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