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Piping Predicament

Just when I thought we were all done with piping of all kinds, Jer informed me we needed to add propane piping. That meant another hole in the foundation and another pipe down the same trench as our water and electrical. I guess the good news is that we hadn’t filled that trench yet.

Two different people had told Jer that our solar panel rack couldn’t handle our tankless hot water heater. The electrical heater we bought needs to go back but it’s past the date of allowed returns. Urgh! Now we have two tankless hot water heaters to try and sell. Both are in their original boxes. We had purchased a small one for the RV that we are living in, but we’ve been able to manage on our little five gallon hot water heater for over a year now.

As Fall has fully kicked in, I struggle with my normal anxiety about how to work around the weather, getting things done before we have to step away from working on the house. It’s not that we can’t drive through snow, but we aren’t there to clear off our very long driveway from extended periods of snow. We will need a toboggan to load and drag tools or whatever we need down to the house. Anyway, we thought we had all the parts to get the propane piping started but Jer forgot one piece that was crucial. It's not like we can make a quick trip to the store to get what we need. Double urgh!

Next weekend it was pouring down rain. The trench was one big puddle. Fortunately, the next morning the rain had stopped, making it possible to get things started. We had limited time and it was still so muddy that we didn’t do any back filling. This was also super important. The foundation of the house was exposed with all the piping coming out.

Finally, the next weekend, even in the rain, we were able to backfill and be done with outside projects until next spring. Phew! I feel relieved about covering the area, protecting it from rain and snow. Now to see if we can get any projects done on the inside of the house during the winter…after we practically have to snowshoe our way in from the road.

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