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Pick Up Sticks and Surprizes

Updated: Jan 29, 2023

We had a surprise visitor on our property this last weekend. No, it wasn’t the deer that ramble past us or the lizard-like salamander I saw.

Let me back up just a bit. Jer and I need a power shed to house the batteries for the solar system and all the things that go with powering a home. The place we wanted to build it was cluttered with lots of moss-covered downed branches and a few smaller trees that had seen better days. We spent Friday evening creating a large burn pile with a second loading pile right next to it, thus making a clearing for the shed.

Jer had figured away to level and prepare where the cement pad will go, just as I was finishing up the burn pile. The fire took a little encouraging (and diesel fuel) but once it was ablaze, the fire licked it up pretty quickly. Meanwhile, Jer was on the tractor pushing dirt when I saw an excavator coming down our grave three-hundred-and-fifty-foot gravel drive… on a Saturday.

I ran to tap Jer’s leg, knowing he couldn’t hear me with his ear protectors on. I thought maybe it was our neighbor, the one with the colorful language. Maybe he came to help? Even better, it was our septic contractor coming to dig our perk test holes so the inspector could approve them on Monday.

It had snowed the last time we were there and even more after we left. One of their largest late snowfalls ever. He and our water drilling company had stated that it put things behind. These are the two things we wanted completed before the end of the month. This would allow us to begin building.

Wow, was he fast. Three big holes in about fifteen-minutes! Our hope and prayer is the well drilling company will come this week and drill too.

So, I share my little victory dance for two reasons. One, the perk test holes are ready. Two I went on to burn two more fires clearing full areas that we could barely walk through when we first purchased the property. In fact, we had to carry our little dog because it was too much for her as well.

Sometimes you just need to celebrate the success you had that day.

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