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No Going Back

As we prepare for the next steps of seeing our dream realized, I can’t help but reflect on last year.


Oh my gosh, last year was hard and scary. Jer and I had circular discussions around so many things regarding how to begin building our home. You know, the kind of discussions where neither of you really know the correct answers, so around and around you go, with no certain conclusion.

What did we do? We just went ahead and took that first step... that felt like walking off a cliff, unsure of where we would land. Then we took that second step… feeling pretty much the same way, than did it again and again. In the end, a lot of things were accomplished. We sold and bought, as to not impact our debt to income ratio. We built a freaking solar panel rack, people! Our well was dug, our septic tank laid, and the house was built. Well, the framing anyway.

It cost more than expected. It took longer than planned. We now live in a trailer two hours away from our new home. Yet, things are very much in motion. March is our jumping point to begin again. Hopefully the snow is mostly gone of the property so we can set up our smaller trailer again.

Jer and I are trying to emotionally prepare ourselves for the work all week, than all weekend, then do it over and over again. We are also excited and dreaming of the next steps, the steps after we finally get everything connected. Things like lights, cabinets, flooring and praying we can save enough to do it all this year.

Our goal this year is to worry less and enjoy ourselves more in the process. Doing hard new things is good for us. We grow individually and as a couple. It makes the struggle worth it.

We can’t wait to get started.

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