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Moving Stuff

Everything living thing moves, whether it’s our legs, or moving boxes, or even just our hearts pumping blood.

These days life feels a little like blur. Moving dirt has been my job. I dig trenches and make piles on the side. When they get high enough or I don’t aim well, it rolls back into the hole. My face shows my displeasure when I didn’t bring up a full bucket or when it seems to be falling back as fast as I’m digging.

Jer on the other hand has been mostly inside the house connecting plumbing, both the things that flow out and the water that flows in. We have been mainly dependent on our neighbor, Nick. He’s a wealth of information with fifty years of experience. Yet, it seems each weekend when we are moving along, thinking we are almost there, something else comes up. We don’t have the right parts, or he’s re-thought his plan which always means more money.

Don’t get me wrong, I truly appreciate his help but these days it feels like digging trenches. Just as we are ready to move forward, we get set back. I almost dread his coming. He wants things done right. We do too but we don’t need to quadruple protect the floor under a solid shower base. URGH! Jer and I have had multiple discussions about these kinds of things. How do we do it well but not increase our costs or at least very little.

Here’s an example. Nick tells us to get a fitting, but who knows, maybe we will break it? So, buy four. Four not so cheap fittings that we will most likely be returning three of! Nick has only been available these last few weeks to give minor pointers, leaving Jer to do the work. Has he made any errors. Sure, minor ones. I don’t think Jer’s broken anything. We've been working on the plumbing for two and a half months of weekends. URGH! The clock is ticking people.

Jer stays mostly positive about our progress, while I feel discouraged to not be moving things a long faster. All we need is more time and more money. God, help us. It’s an exhausting journey to work all week at our jobs, then work all weekend on a task that feels so much bigger than us. Still, we are moving forward.

You can’t get anywhere unless you are willing to keep taking that next step.

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