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Mom Crush

Isn’t it great to hear your kids tell you they love you. I really should have save a card Annie made for me when she was six. In colorful crayon it boasted, “You’re the best mommy in the WHOLE Universe.” That really could have helped me years later when I felt like the worst mom in the universe. Those teen years were brutal. I mostly got the, “I love you,” and a hug when I said ‘Yes’ to what they were asking for.

But oh, when they are still small… You’ve probably heard of kids wanting to marry their mom or dad. I had one child who had moments of being in love with me. Family was really important to him in general. We were going through the bedtime rituals, that can go on forever. “Sing me a song. You forgot to pray with me. Can I have a glass of water? I need to go to the bathroom.” Ike was about five and I just finished tucking him in his top bunk bed. He grabbed my arm and romantically crooned, “Oh Mommy, you’re the most beautiful woman in the whole world.” I laughed and reassured him some day he would meet someone and think they were the most beautiful woman. I kind of had the feeling he was trying to delay the inevitable of going to sleep but he promptly responded, “No Mommy, I’ll never forget. You are the most beautiful woman in the world.” It was sweet. I headed out of his room but just as I reached the door he called again, “Mommy.” “Yes, Ike,” I sighed. He called me back to his bedside and with longing in his voice he proclaimed, “Mommy, you’re in my every dream.” Ha, such a romantic. This time I caught his little coy smile. Definitely delaying bedtime. Our kids are watching us and when they like what they see, they want to have it too. I’m fortunate that Jer is a bit of a romantic too and very affectionate. Touch is his love language, so hugs and kisses were regularly displayed. One afternoon, Ike stood watching me. His eyebrows were pulled together in concern before he asked me, “Is there was a Stacey out there for me?” He was seriously worried about not finding a future wife. I assured him there was. Funny thing is, he married someone who people often mistake for my daughter. Maybe he really does love me.

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